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Thank you to the Friends of the Guernsey Air Display 2019




Avantis Group

Collenette Jones

Dorey Ltd

The Duke of Richmond Hotel



Investec (Guernsey)

The Old Government House Hotel and



Trident Trust


Janette Adshead

Stephen Ainsworth

Roy Angliss

Brian Austin

Kate Barrett

Patrick, Susan and James Banfield

Tracey Bates

Toby and Maisy Batiste

Luke and Grace Bennalick

Darrel Bertand

Wayne Bertrand

Keith Bichard OBE

Paul and Rachel Bichard

Dave and Jenny Blondel

Syd and Jane Bowsher

Alex and John Bridle

Sheila Brown

Alan and Christine Brunger

Howard Chaloner

Ian and Shirley Cook

Gary Cordery

Diana Cox

Sam and Ben Davidson

Maria Devlin

John Dick

Paul Eldridge

Lorraine Ecuyer

Robin Endean

Mark Frampton & Company

Jackie Gaudion

Tony Gillett

Peter and Alison Harris

Ali Hughes

Fred Hutchinson

Maurice Julou

Simon Julou

Stephen Jones

Alex Kottenhahn

Andrew Lake

Sandra and Geoffrey Le Gallez

Blaise Meredith

Sheilagh Meredith

Keith Morfett


Barry and Ruth Neal

Diane Nicole

Lewis O'Callaghan

John and Frances Ogier

Walter and Otis Ogier

Chris Prior

Tim Procter FRAes

Katrina Proudlove

Martin Proudlove

Melissa Rees

Michael and Roberta Rivett-Carnac

Craig Robert

B Robinson

Sir Geoff and Diana Rowland

Katrina Sarre

Russell and Susette Scandrette

Tom Smith

John and Jennie Strobridge

Mary Thompson

Mrs M Travers

Jane Tullier

Brian Vallois

Dana Walden

Mrs K K Walker

A J West

Wes and Sharon Williams

David Wyatt

We would also like to express our thanks to those Friends who have chosen to remain anonymous.

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