Stephen Ainsworth

Christopher Ashwell

Brian Austin

Phil Ball

Patrick, Susan and James Banfield

Wing Commander (rtd) Reg Barker

Squadron Leader (rtd) Nicky Barker

Robin Barnes

Kate Barrett

Edward Bartie

Luke & Grace Bennalick

Wayne Bertrand

Darrel Bertrand

Keith Bichard

Sylvia and Geoffrey Birch

Leah and James Birch

Amanda Bishop

Dave and Jenny Blondel

Freddie Brier-Janes

Elizabeth Brouard

S M Brown

Jackie Burgess

K J Butt

Lisa Carre

Heather Chan

Sir Richard Collas

Ian and Shirley Cook

Gary Cordery and Tracey Bates

Sam and Ben Davidson

Allison and Andrew Davies

Louis Day

Michael Deane

Nigel de la Rue

John Donaldson

Suzanne Drake

Lorraine Ecuyer

Dr and Mrs Robin Endean

Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Gavey

Angela Gibson

John and Tessa Hall

David Hands

Andrew Harper

Peter and Alison Harris

Simon Harris and Roz Harris-Johns

Sarah Hobson

Simon Hodgetts

Suzy Hollingsworth

Ali Hughes

Fred Hutchinson

John Ingrouille

Linda Johansen

Stephen Jones

Lauren Jouhning Saunders

Simon Julou

Maurice Julou

Alexander Kottenhahn

Andrew Lake

Olwen and David Lane

Martin and Sonia Le Cocq

Geoff and Sandra Le Gallez

Nick Le Huray

Sam Le Marquand

Todd McGuffin

Blaise Meredith

Sheilagh Meredith

Keith Morfett

Kim Morton

Nicole Moss

Barry and Ruth Neal

Jenny Nicolle

Lewis O'Callaghan

Brian O'Mahoney

Kayleigh Overcuka

Claire Penney

Dawn Pooley

Chris Prior

Katrina Proudlove

Martin Proudlove

Ken Queripel

Karen Quevatre

Friends2020_Visual - trans.png

Matt Raines

Rose Rankilor

Janette and Craig Robert

Sir Geoff and Diana Rowland

Katrina Sarre

Russell and Susette Scandrett

Elizabeth Shaw

Colin Silver

Tom Smith

Nigel Spensley

Nick Stevenson

Mary Thompson

Alan John Tielles

N and H Toon

Fran Torode

Matthew Tostevin

Mrs Marjory Travers

Eric Trump

Jane Tullier

Ben Vahey

Brian Vallois

Mr N P Vibert

K R and R A L Walker

A J West

Wes and Sharon Williams

Andrew Willis

David Wyatt


We would also like to express our thanks to those Friends who have chosen to remain anonymous.