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Monday 25 June 2018

Have you seen the Guernsey buses out and about featuring the Guernsey Air Display? We've teamed up with CT Plus Guernsey to take the Air Display all over the island.


This unique buse will raise awareness of the Air Display and encourage people to join in on Thursday 13 September.

Monday 25 June 2018

Have you seen the Guernsey buses out and about featuring the Guernsey Air Display? We've teamed up with CT Plus Guernsey to take the Air Display all over the island.


This unique buse will raise awareness of the Air Display and encourage people to join in on Thursday 13 September.

Monday 3 July 2017

Great piece in the latest issue of Aurigny's En Voyage magazine.  This year's Meet the Pilots will take place on Wednesday 13 September from 2pm at the ASG Hangar. 

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Whilst The Red Arrows will not be performing at this year's Guernsey Air Display, you may still be lucky enough to catch them at one of their appearances at other displays in the U.K.

See their full schedule by following this link.

Friday 7 April 2017

The organisers of the Guernsey Air Display have been advised by the Ministry of Defence that the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT) will not be performing their annual finale at the Guernsey Air Display on September 14th 2017 due to being away on tour.  The process of securing the Red Arrows participation took place at the end of September 2016, as happens each year, and the Red Arrows’ last 2017 public displays in the UK will take place on 9th and 10th September 2017.  The Red Arrows will then depart on tour.


Every endeavour is now being deployed by the Guernsey Air Display to source and secure display aircraft and aerobatic teams to take the place of the Red Arrows.


The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), comprising the Lancaster, the Hurricane and the Spitfire, are confirmed to open the Guernsey Air Display that will have extra poignancy this year as it marks the 60th anniversary of the BBMF.


The iconic sounds and sights of World War II aircraft will be augmented by the inclusion in this year’s Guernsey Air Display of a privately owned WWII Spitfire that will display on its own within the Air Display line up.   Also planned for the 2017 Guernsey Air Display are “The Raiders” the Royal Navy Parachute Team, the Wild Cats, Rich Goodwin and his unmissable Pitts S2S aerobatic wizardry, a solo female aerobatic display pilot, and the grace and (almost) silent Aerosparx motorised gliders.


More news on the full line up for this year’s Guernsey Air Display will be announced as participants are confirmed.  The Guernsey Air Display will take place between 11:00 and 13:15 on Thursday 14th September 2017 in the skies above St. Peter Port.

Wednesday 31st August 2016
Islanders, residents and visitors alike, are being asked to look to the skies above St Peter Port and Castle Cornet at 8.30pm on Tuesday 6th September 2016 when a spectacular evening night time display will light up the harbour.
The display is being performed by the AeroSPARX team which is made up to two world-renowned pilots, Guy Westgate and Tim Dews. Together they have wowed crowds at airshows across the United Kingdom and further afield including Poland, Spain and Bahrain. AeroSPARX also performed for the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations and were featured on the BBC One Show.
AeroSPARX pilot their Grob109b motor gliders through a series of graceful manoeuvres and use wingtip pyrotechnics and LED light shows to create stunning patterns across the sky.
The display has been organised by Guernsey-based Sydney Charles as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations.  A leading aviation insurer, Sydney Charles Aviation Insurance Brokers has been a long-time sponsor of AeroSPARX and, when looking for ways to celebrate their 10th year, felt that a nighttime display would be perfect.
As Philip Lepp, Director at Sydney Charles explains "It fits with one of our main streams of business.  We are delighted to have sponsored AeroSPARX since they formed and as the AeroSPARX sponsor, we look forward to them being part of the Guernsey Air Display on Thursday 8th September 2016 as well as participating in the "Meet The Pilots" event at the ASG Hangar, Guernsey Airport, on Wednesday 7th September 2016.
Weather permitting, the nighttime display will take place over St Peter Port Harbour at approximately 8.30pm on Tuesday 6th September 2016.  Sydney Charles Group and AeroSPARX would like to thank the Guernsey Air Display Director, the Channel Islands Director of Civil Aviation, Guernsey Harbours and the RNLI for their help and co-operation in enabling this anniversary display to take place.

19 July 2016


The provisional lineup for the 2016 Guernsey Air Display has been announced head to the 2016 Display page for more info. 



AIR DISPLAYS AND THEIR SAFETY                                             

3 September 2015


The tragic events at Shoreham last month have put air displays and their safety firmly at the forefront of peoples’ minds.  The aim of air displays is entertainment but the highest priority is always afforded to making the displays as safe as possible.


The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has restricted some air display activity over land and has also recommended that organisers review some aspects of air displays over the sea.  Although the Channel Islands are not regulated by the CAA, the air display regulations, rules, advice and guidance mirrors exactly that of the UK and any CAA advice and guidance is acted upon as though regulated by the CAA.


The Guernsey Air Display’s Director and Organiser, Barry Neal, has carried out a critical review of the air display’s processes and procedures, together with his colleagues and the Director of Civil Aviation, Mr Gus Paterson.  “The review examined whether or not the display is a safe as it could possibly be”, Mr Neal said, “and with the additional aim of maintaining public confidence in the display and public support for it.”


He added that “The review concluded that we are doing everything possible to reduce the level of risk associated with the display to as low a level as is reasonably practicable and that no change in procedures was necessary.  Minor changes are made to the display every year anyway, depending on who is planned to display and the display line-up.”


Guernsey can rest assured that all is being done, and will continue to be done, to ensure the continuing safety and success of the air display.  The final line-up will be published in the press next week.


The main broadcast for the air display is on BBC Radio Guernsey and this year will be relayed through the speakers on the seafront in St Peter Port (Weighbridge Roundabout to Albert Pier).


Spectators and listeners across the Bailiwick will be asked to pause and pay tribute to all those who died and who were affected in any way by what happened at Shoreham, and to reflect on that very sad accident.  This will happen at about 12.50 pm.  Not everyone will be listening to the radio and/or the speakers on the day so everyone is asked to try to remember to take a moment of reflection around that time.


“I hope that everyone will continue to give the air display the magnificent support that they have always done”, Mr Neal said.  “Everyone who plays a part in the display thoroughly enjoys it, the island, and the reception they receive.”


“We must not forget, however, that the air display is the flagship event for the Guernsey Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association Wings Appeal Week - the annual fund-raising effort for the Association’s charities.”  said Mr Neal.


“So, please give generously, enjoy the display and, above all when watching, take care in and around St Peter Port, and on the cliffs and beaches.”


24 August 2015


The organisers of the Guernsey Air Display, that will take place on Thursday 10 September 2015, are continuing the detailed planning for the annual display that in 2015 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.


The Guernsey Air Display’s Director and Organiser, Barry Neal, who is also a Committee member on the British Air Display Association, was interviewed by BBC Guernsey on its Islands at One programme.


“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the tragic accident of the Hawker Hunter crash at the Shoreham Air Show this past weekend.  Andy Hill, the pilot, is know well in Guernsey as he and his business partner, Alister Kay, are the RV8tors who have flown in the Guernsey Air Display since 2012.” said Mr Neal.


“Spectator enthusiasm for air shows and aviation displays in the UK is second only to Premier League Football.  Those air displays have an exemplary record on public safety, and it has been 63 years (1952) since a member of the public was killed at a UK air show.  This demonstrates the robustness of the rules, regulations and guidance that have been developed over the years.  In this regard we are the envy of many other nations, not just in Europe but also across the Atlantic.”


He went on to say that the safety of the public is the first priority in organising an air display, and all possible measures are put in place in such a way as to reduce to as low as reasonably practicable the risk to participants, spectators and third parties.  In Guernsey this is done in close consultation with all the emergency services.

The approval for the Guernsey Air Display comes from Gus Paterson, the Channel Islands Director of Civil Aviation.  The Channel Islands mirrors exactly the guidance and regulatory controls of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK but is not actually regulated by the CAA as neither Bailiwick is part of the United Kingdom.

In a statement today (Monday), Mr Paterson said that “Clearly it would be inappropriate for me to comment on an ongoing UK AAIB investigation, particularly whilst the emergency services remain on-scene.


Likewise any review into the safety of air displays in the UK is a matter for the UK CAA, so it is not appropriate for us to comment.  Should there be any recommendations from either agency these will of course be taken into account in the planning of future displays in the Channel Islands.  However, we would note that the air displays in both Guernsey and Jersey take place mainly over the sea.”


24 August 2015

We have received clarification from the education department on taking Children out of School for the Guernsey Air Display. 

'Children are allowed out of school to watch the Air Display provided the parent/guardian writes to the headteacher for approval and someone must collect them from the school and drop them back after the display has finished'

If you do intend to take your child out for the display, We suggest you get the letter in nice and early.

13 August 2015


Tuesday 18 August 1940 was named "The Hardest Day" of the Battle of Britain.


After their concentrated aerial sorties on 15 and 16 August, the German Luftwaffe paused to recover before returning in force on 18 August. Flying some 750 sorties, the Germans attacked airfields at Biggin Hill, Kenley, Croydon and West Malling. The raid on RAF Kenley caused severe damage as all ten hangars and several aircraft, mostly hurricanes, were destroyed. The Germans also bombed the Isle of Wight, destroying an important radar station and another large scale attack fell on Kent later in the afternoon.


The Germans, however, suffered for their efforts. The losses of Junkers 87 'Stutka' dive bombers were so severe that this aircraft was largely withdrawn from the main Battle of Britain. Tuesday 18 August was a day of heavy and sustained fighting between the German Luftwaffe and Britain's Royal Air Force.  It was the day of very high losses with up to 63 British aircraft being destroyed in mid-air or on the ground and up to 71 German aircraft being wrecked.


On Tuesday 18 August, to mark the 75th anniversary of The Hardest Day of the Battle of Britain, 18 Spitfires and six Hurricanes will divide into three formations of eight, taking off from the former RAF Biggin Hill in Bromley at 1pm.


One formation, called the Hamlyn Flight, will head for Dover and pass Shepway; another will go over the Battle of Britain airfields at West Malling, Detling and Gravesend and the third will head for Portsmouth.  The flypasts are being organised by the London Biggin Hill Airport Community.


Guernsey will mark its own Battle of Britain Day on Thursday 10 September 2015 with its annual Guernsey Air Display from 11am to 1.15pm.  Full details of the display programme, complete with descriptions and images, can be found at


All islanders and visitors have the opportunity to become a Friend of the Guernsey Air Display thereby providing their support and commitment to the legacy of the Battle of Britain.


Becoming a Friend costs just £10 for one year and includes a bespoke enamel pin badge (a different design is brought out each year) and the opportunity to win a couple of VIP tickets to the Guernsey Air Display Private Reception at Castle Cornet.  To become a Friend of the Guernsey Air Display, visit and click on Friends Of.

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