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Important information about the Display



Everyone's safety is our primary concern, and we make every effort to reduce the risk from the display to as low a level as is reasonably practical, recognising that flying always has an element of risk. In the unfortunate event of an incident, please obey any instructions issued by Emergency Services' personnel, Harbourmaster's staff, and/or other personnel acting in an official capacity. Every effort must be made to allow access to incident sites.


Let's hope that the weather is good; but in any case, please remember to dress accordingly come rain, wind or shine. Be careful when watching from piers and when crossing the car parks.



Boat Owners

Thanks to the co-operation of boat owners, and that of the Harbourmaster and his staff, the Display area has been largely undisturbed over the years.  Should boats infringe the Display area then the Display Director has to consider the effect on the Display item in progress and, if necessary, stop all flying.


So please, could boat owners continue their excellent conduct and refrain from sailing in or out of St Peter Port during the Display and not attempt to watch the display from the sea.  An Air Display Safety Zone will be published in the local press by the Harbourmaster nearer the time and all boat owners are asked to take note of the detail.

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