Phil and Julie Ball

Luke & Grace Bennalick

Darrel Bertrand

Geoffrey and Sylvia Birch

James and Leah Birch

Dave and Jenny Blondel

Spindle Bokter

Elizabeth Brouard

Sheila Brown

K J Butt

Heather Chan

Ian and Shirley Cook

Claire Dawson

Nigel de la Rue

Harvey Ephgrave

Paul Everitt

Francesca Field

Peter and Alison Harris

Simon Harris

Roz Harris - Johns

Simon Hodgett

Stephen Jones

FRIENDS OF 2021.png

Simon Julou

Maurice Julou

Darren Keyte

Geoff and Sandra Le Gallez

Sam Le Marquand

Daniel Maiden

Blaise Meredith

Sheilagh Meredith

Kim Morton

Marianne Muduviwa

Jenny Nicolle

Adam Norman

Lewis O'Callaghan

Michael Ogier

Catharine O'Sullivan

Matt Raines

Bruce and Jenny Riley

Katrina Sarre

Nigel Spensley

Dorothy Stringer

Chris Torode

Mike Walker

David Wyatt

We would also like to express our thanks to those Friends who have chosen to remain anonymous.