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Donna Allan

Chris Ashwell

Brian Austin

Phil and Julie Ball

Trish Baker

Malcolm (Reggie) Barker

Robin Barnes

Katie Barrett

Darrel Bertrand

Wayne Bertrand

Syd Bowsher

Dennis Boxall

Elizabeth Brouard

Sheila Brown

Alan Brunger

Kevin Butt

Andy Cameron

Heather Chan

Steve Chandler

Ian and Shirley Cook

Liam Collins

Ben Davidson

Sam Davidon

Jeremy de Carteret

Mark de la Rue

Nigel de la Rue

John Dick

Glen Drake

Lorraine Ecuyer

Robin Endean

Paul Everitt

Samantha Falla

Richard and Susan Flavell

Heather Groves 

Claire Hackney

Kelly Hainsworth

Tessa Hall

Alison Harris

Debbie and Christopher Henderson

Sarah and David Hobson

Simon Hodgett

Stephen Hooper

Esther Iseppi

Huw Jones

Stephn Jones

Lauren Jouhning-Saunders

Simon Julou

Maurice Julou

Andrew Lake

Martin and Sonia Le Cocq

Sam Le Marquand

Shane Le Page

Jane Le Page

Nick Mandell

Blaise Meredith

Sheilagh Meredith

Diana Metcalfe

Jeanette and Lynette Mignot

Ian Mills

Keith Morfett

Kim Morton

Jenny Nicolle

Adam Norman

Lewis O'Callaghan

Michael Ogier

Paul Oliver

Rachel Page

Natalie Pepper

Robert and Sarah Plumley

Dawn Pooley

Ian Pritchard

Tim Procter FRAes

William Proctor

Martin Proudlove

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Karen Quevatre

Felicity Quevatre-Malic

Matt Raines

Wayne Rihoy

Bruce and Jenny Riley 

Charlotte Robert

Craig and Janette Robert

Sir Geoff and Lady Diana Rowland

Katrina Sarre

Russell and Susette Scandrett

Rachel Sherbourne

Nigel Spensley

John and Jennie Strobridge

Sheralyn Summers

Mary Thompson

Stuart Thoume

Fran Torode

Kevin Titmus

Eric Trump

Jane Tullier

Lisa Vahy

Derek Vivian

George Wilkinson

Wendy Wilkinson

Andrew Willis

Chris Workman

Emma Wright

David Wyatt

We would also like to express our thanks to those Friends who have chosen to remain anonymous

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